Between June 2017 and March 2018, Waco Transit System (WTS) and the Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) conducted a Feasibility Study to consider options for developing a Rapid Transit Corridor (RTC) and associated bus service enhancements for the City of Waco. As part of the study, the project team brought the community into the conversation to inform draft alternatives, discuss evaluation results and share recommendations.


A project Steering Committee made up of representatives from WTS, Waco MPO, City of Waco, Waco City Council, McLennan County and City Center Waco, also met quarterly throughout the Study to provide guidance in development of the study alternatives, analysis approach, evaluation results and recommendations.


In June 2017, a public workshop was held to introduce the project and present possible rapid transit vehicle options including bus rapid transit, streetcar, and rail. At the workshop, the project team asked for feedback regarding potential alignment, the types of destinations connected by the service, and potential station amenities including public WiFi, real time bus arrival signs, stop coverings (cantilever, pavilion, canopy) and bike racks. Community responses helped identify three potential alignment alternatives for detailed evaluation, the preferred station amenities and important destinations served by transit.


Following the evaluation of alignment alternatives, the project team held multiple open houses,

community meetings, webinars and a second public survey to get community feedback on various aspects of project development.


In September of 2018 WTS and the Waco MPO selected a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA). The selected LPA could become the City of Waco’s first Bus Rapid Transit system.

The Waco BRT project has been identified as a high priority within the Waco Metropolitan Transportation Plan.